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Consign your vintage and mid-century modern items, furniture, antiques, instruments and other high value collections to get great auction prices. We commonly sell vintage and autographed memoribilia for movies, music, sports and pop culture. Purchase or sell your old photography and even your Illini collectibles.  Fill out the form or call us today!

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Why Have CCAE Sell My Antiques & COllections?

With thousands of buyers watching our specialized auctions, you gain access to collectors across the country. Bidders are accustomed to seeing antique and vintage collections available for sale through our auctions. We commonly sell furniture, primitives, clocks, militaria, metal/iron banks and country store items,


Our experts understand how to value and promote antiques such as furniture, clocks, and other vintage collectibles. 


We group items as collections and use a transparent process that makes it easy to sell. No hidden fees.

Online Auctions

By staging your high value items, you will get market prices. The best part - all of your items are guaranteed to sell.

Collectibles & Vintage 

Sell antique or vintage collections in our online auctions. Thousands of buyers are looking for metal banks, cast iron banks, military / war collections and various household items.

Pop culture collections are sought after and include music items (albums, concert) and collections from movies (posters, props). Old photography can also be valuable.

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chief illini collection item

Illini Collections

As auctioneers in the Champaign - Urbana area, we get a fairly large group of buyers and sellers of Illini collections. These pieces from the University of Illinois include  jewelry, photos, posters, books, figurines and household items. 

Illini sports memorabilia is one of the biggest sellers with items from football and basketball being the most popular. There is still a strong market for Chief Illini collectibles. If you have any vintage Illini items to sell, then lets chat!

Guitars & Instruments

The market for antique and vintage guitars is strong. Get in touch with us for an appraisal of your acoustic or electric guitars. Fender Stratocasters or Gibson Les Paul’s are good examples of guitars that have increased in value over the years.  

Auction your bass guitars, drums and keyboards for great prices.  We can also help you sell classicical instruments such as violins, trumpets and saxophones.  Consign your related music gear such as microphones, amps, drumsticks and even guitar picks.


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What People Say About Us

"CCAE were very professional with my Estate. They know how to sell everything. Their online marketing is the best."

Ken L.

"Great auction with great items! Very organized. I found it very easy to sign up, start bidding and pick up the items!"

William K.

"Great new auction house that the CU area needed. Fantastic items, awesome service, and easy to find location. Will definitely be buying at next auction!"

James H.