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Contact us to sell your artwork or paintings.  We also sell vintage displays and old advertising signs. Connect with thousands of national collectors who are looking for old postcards, advertising trade cards, old maps, greeting cards and much more. Call, send a photo or fill out the form today!

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How to Sell Art, Signs & Ephemera?

Our online auctions are great for selling these items. Specialized collections get promoted to our large network of auction bidders looking for paintings, pottery, vintage signs, advertising collectibles and ephemera collections.


Knowledge of artists and the art market is critical to selling your pieces. National collectors bid up the price of your items.

Vintage Signs

There are groups that look for very specific advertising signs and old business displays. Let us promote your signs to our bidders.

Online Auctions

Your art, signs, displays and ephemera will be presented to enough buyers that we can guarantee 100% will sell. 

Vintage Signs & Old Displays

American signage is part of our culture. Collectors look for dated signs made of porcelain, tin, cardboard or masonite.  Neon and lighted signs are also popular. We are known for selling old advertising signs, company signs and other displays, so our auction will draw large groups of collectors. 

Collectors look for signs from gas, oil, industrial, cigars, cigarettes, tobacco, beer, wine and liquor companies. There is a strong market for advertisements with thermometers. Vintage food signs are highly collectible and include ice cream, snacks and soda pop signs such as Coca Cola, Pepsi and RC.

Be careful trying to clean any signs. Usually you can remove light dust and dirt but in most cases, aged signs with a patina are more valuable. It is better to make an appointment so we can help you properly prepare signs for auction.


vintage signs - Coca Cola & lighted Budweiser sign
art artwork painting auction

Paintings, Pottery & Artwork

It can often be difficult to sell art in Central Illinois at estate sales due to the limited local market. With our online auctions, you gain access to thousands of art collectors across the U.S. We commonly sell paintings, pottery, sculptures and quality works of art.

The paintings on your wall may be worth more than you think and you may have valuable folk art. Contact us with information about your artwork. Send us some photos and we'll set up a consultation appointment.



Maps, Cards & Ephemera

Ephemera refers to vintage printed or written material that once served a purpose but wasn't expected to be retained. The most collectible ephemera were owned or autographed by a celebrity. Other sought after items captured an event in history. Most single pieces of ephemera have a low value but large collections can often bring in good prices.

The most valuable ephemera collections include old maps, certificates, advertising trading cards and postcards. People even collect wedding invitations, birthday cards, lottery tickets and movie tickets. Set up a consultation appointment to learn more.



old antique map
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