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Why Consign My Jewelry for Sale?

Jewelry is a specialized field when it comes to auctions. There are small rings worth a fortune and piles of jewelry you can't give away. At CCAE, our professional staff can provide a consultation and help you find the right buyers. In many cases, we can buy your jewelry if you don't want to wait for our auction.

Jewelry Stores

We handle the promotion and marketing of high value jewelry to jewelers, jewelry stores, collectors and buyers that follow our auctions.

Online Auctions

Jewelry is a perfect item to sell in online auctions with easy national shipping and multiple bidders ensuring fair market value.

Jewelry Experts

We know how to identify and sell jewelry. Don't settle for arbitrary prices or jewelers that offer prices well below the market value.

Rings, Diamonds, Precious Metals & Rare GemStones

Antique or vintage jewelry made of gold and silver with fine gemstones draw a crowd at our online auctions. We can help you sell pieces with diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires.

Consign your diamond wedding rings to ensure you get market value.  Our auctions are large enough that all valuable jewelry will sell.



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Jewelry set. Golden watch, ring and necklace.

Chains, Ropes, Necklaces, Bracelets & WatchES

Any jewelry made of gold or silver will have value in the auction market. However, there will be some pieces that have aesthetic value or can be sold as part of a collection. Watches have thousands of bidders looking for Rolex, TAG Heuer or other premium high value watch brands.

After consulting with our team, we can help you identify and sell your valuable jewelry. If you have a fairly large collection, we can give you tips on how to determine which items have the most value. Get in touch with us today!

Antique Jewelry

The style and period of your antique jewelry determine the price you can get at auction. Collectors look for Victorian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and retro jewelry along with many other types, makers and varieties. Our experts ensure you get great value for your treasured items.

Contact us if you want to sell your antique rings, necklaces, bracelets, brooch pins, earrings or other vintage jewelry. We will even buy collections comprised of gold, silver, gems or rare pieces.



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What People Say About Us

"CCAE were very professional with my Estate. They know how to sell everything. Their online marketing is the best."

Ken L.

"Great auction with great items! Very organized. I found it very easy to sign up, start bidding and pick up the items!"

William K.

"Great new auction house that the CU area needed. Fantastic items, awesome service, and easy to find location. Will definitely be buying at next auction!"

James H.