Auction Your Vehicles: Cars, Trucks & Farm Equipment

Let us help you sell your classic cars, modern cars or pickup trucks. We can also set up an auction for your tractors, combines, implements or other farm equipment.  Learn about our discounted rates by calling, filling out the form or sending us photos!

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Why Have CCAE Auction My Vehicle?

Many companies charge high fees to sell vehicles, while CCAE offers highly competitive, reduced commission rates. When you sell your vehicle locally, you have to be willing to bring people to your property. Sometimes your vehicle can take months to sell. By using our auction services, we can handle all the hard work and get a great price by promoting your car, truck, farm implements or machinery. Webcast auctions on large vehicles and collections help expand our market reach to thousands of bidders.

Cars & Trucks

Our team will work with you to promote your car or truck to our local and national buyers to help drive up the price.

Online Auctions

Online auctions enable us to sell your vehicle to a larger group of buyers which can be critical for classic car collectors and farm equipment.

Auction Experts

Selling vehicles online can be intimidating, but we are professionals that can make this an easy and transparent process.

Modern & Classic Cars or Trucks

We can help you get market price for your classic car, modern car, classic pickup trucks or current model trucks. Our network of buyers ensure that you get multiple bidders. No haggling and your car is guaranteed to sell.



farm auction tractor

Tractors, Combines & Farm Equipment

Many central Illinois farmers hire auction companies for auctioneer services or estate sale management.

Our team can help sell your equipment by promoting your machinery to both local and national buyers. We can sell tractors, combines, planters, augers, grain trucks and other farm tools / implements.

What People Say About Us

"CCAE were very professional with my Estate. They know how to sell everything. Their online marketing is the best."

Ken L.

"Great auction with great items! Very organized. I found it very easy to sign up, start bidding and pick up the items!"

William K.

"Great new auction house that the CU area needed. Fantastic items, awesome service, and easy to find location. Will definitely be buying at next auction!"

James H.