Sell Your Antiques, Collectibles or Valuable Items in Our Auctions

With a network of thousands of dedicated buyers and collectors, we can help you get great prices for your antiques, jewelry, vehicles, farm equipment and other high value items in our online auctions and estate sales. In some cases, we can buy items directly so you don't have to wait for the sale. Give us a call or fill out the form and we can determine the next step.

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Set Up a Consultation to Sell Your Treasures

Set up an appointment and let us know what you have for sale. Call, email or submit our form. Provide as much information as you can. If available, send us a digital photo of your item.

If the item can fit in a car, we usually have you schedule a time to bring it to our shop. If you have an estate, furniture, vehicles and other large items, we can set up a time to come to your location for a consultation.


Schedule an appointment
Send us a digital photo
We provide a consultation
We prepare your item for listing
You are notified of auction date
We notify buyers and market auction items
Auctions last 7 days - all items sell
We handle delivery of sold items
We send you money for the sale
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Estate Sale Management & Auctioneer Services

Our goal is to conduct a highly profitable sale, that ends in estate closure while ensuring a positive experience for our clients.

Our team will come to your location, provide a consultation, set up the estate and manage the sale. Our auctioneers can conduct a flawless live auction, ideal for large items, vehicles or farm equipment. We also have the option of listing items online to attract national bidders.  On some occasions, we can even do a complete estate buyout.

Why Choose CCAE as Your ONlINE Auction House?

Transparent Process
Large network of 1000+ buyers
Published bids (no hidden fees)
No arbitrary pricing - market sets the price
All items listed (no more lost treasures)
Our auction tech is 2nd to none
Incentivized to get the highest prices
You won't get stuck with unsold items

Thinking about selling on eBay or Facebook? Find out why it is better to sell with CCAE

What People Say About Us

"CCAE were very professional with my Estate. They know how to sell everything. Their online marketing is the best."

Ken L.

"Great auction with great items! Very organized. I found it very easy to sign up, start bidding and pick up the items!"

William K.

"Great new auction house that the CU area needed. Fantastic items, awesome service, and easy to find location. Will definitely be buying at next auction!"

James H.